On Monday the 5th of June, I did my first round with the interviews for ‘Hello Stranger’. Packed with a notebook, pen, 10 questions and voicerecorder. And my super social friend Jemaine, we walked around Museum Square Amsterdam. The numerous of tourists visiting our capital surprises me every time. It’s nuts to see the amount of people walking around in and out Amsterdam every single day.
My very first interview was with the lovely Barbora. Later on we found out that she was visiting Amsterdam with her friend. 

“My name is Barbora and I am from the Czech Republic. I’ve been working as an au pair in Ireland for nearly 9 months. After Christmas me and my friend searched online for several flights to Amsterdam, we booked the best deal we could find and here we are. It is my first time visiting Amsterdam and I think it would be hard to name just one thing I liked the most so far. On our first day here, we didn’t have a nice conversation with a restaurant owner.


I was really disappointed this happend to us, because it was our very first day here and it took me by surprise. Luckily the receptionist from our hostel was super nice. He helped us out to solve the problem, got us in touch with the police and told us where to go from there. He helped us telling our story at the police station. And the police at the station were also very nice and understanding, they took there time to help us out. But that’s the only negative thing. The best thing here are definitely the bicycles, there are a lot of them in the city. I like it a lot to explore everything by bike. Yesterday I went to Haarlem by bike. It was so easy, super super easy. Just one way to go, maybe an hour, but I enjoyed it a lot. I do ride a bicycle back home, it get’s you everywhere. But I am not a professional like everyone around here. If I have to recommend anything here in Amsterdam, besides riding a bike, it would be to smoke weed. Even though the smell could be a bit annoying. Your in Amsterdam and Amsterdam means weed. The smell is something I’m not used to, it’s literately everywhere. It’s illegal in my country, so I don’t smell it as much there than I do here. But overal..yeah, I like this city trip a lot. My best city trip has been Edinburgh in Scotland though. It was amazing, so beautiful! Look it up and visit, so beautiful.”

Every person I meet, I ask the same last question, to keep the motivation for everything in life flowing.

‘Say you’ve got 5 minutes…a kid walks in. And he or she is asking for your advice. In those 5 minutes…what would it be and why?’

“Oh wauw, I don’t know. I really don’t know..”
Time passes, she thinks about it for a few minutes.
“I know, a short answer. I will say; everyone should travel, just travel. See the world and learn English.”