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4 times iced coffee

With enough coffee, I feel as though all things are possible. Many of them are highly unlikely, but they are possible.

– Nanea Hoffman

Enjoy the twist to your everyday cup of coffee, especially during summer time ☕️!

Easy peasy – chilling freezy basic

⁃ 1 pot of STRONG coffee
⁃ 1 ice cube tray
⁃ 240 ml (1 cup) oat-, almond-, coconut-, soy- or rice milk

Serves: 1 person
Extra needed: pot for coffee and glass

Make a big pot pot of coffee, as strong as you like. Let it cool down to room temperature, about 1 hour. Pour the coffee into the ice cube tray and freeze for at least 4 hours (or freeze overnight). Take a large glass, and add the ice cubes together with the milk. If you prefer your coffee to be sweeter, add 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

Chocolate coffee ice smoothie

⁃ 1 frozen banana
⁃ 1 cup oatmilk
⁃ 1 cup iced coffee cubes
⁃ 1/2 tsp vanille powder
⁃ 2-3 tbs cocoa powder
⁃ 1 tbs almond-, peanut- or cashew nut butter
⁃ 1 tbs maple syrup (optional)

Serves: 1 person
Extra needed: high speed blender and glass

Directions:how toget more (1).png
Mix the frozen banana together with the vanilla powder, cocoa powder and oat milk into a high speed blender. When smooth, add the nut butter and coffee ice cubes. Mix again and add the maple syrup.

Ice cream coffee

⁃ 3-4 scoops vanille soy-/rice-/coconut ice-cream
⁃ 240 ml (1 cup) strong brewed warm coffee
⁃ 1 tbsp maple syrup
⁃ 140 g (1 cup) crushed ice (optional)

Serves: 1 person
Extra needed: glass

Scoop the ice-cream into a (milkshake)glass and add the crushed ice. Add the maple syrup and pour the coffee over the ice. Grab a spoon and straw and you’re ready to reload. Simple as that, enjoy your sweet summer coffee!

Iced coffee protein shake

⁃ 280 g (2 cups) of ice cubes
⁃ 150 ml (3/4 cup) almond milk
⁃ 240 ml (1 cup) cold coffee
⁃ 1 frozen banana
⁃ 1 scoop of plant based protein powder (orange fit, sun warrior)

Serves: 1 person
Extra needed: high speed blender and glass

Add the frozen banana into a high speed blender, together with the almond milk. When smooth, add the protein powder and coffee. Blend again. Lastly add the ice cubes and blend until crushed. Post work out coffee, done 💪!


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