Smoothie bowl

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A smoothie bowl for breakfast. One of the easiest and quickest breakfast ideas, especially during summertime! Just throw a few frozen bananas and berries together in your food processor, add a bit of milk and you are good to go. And topping ideas are endless, mix and match from time to time, enjoy! Ps; berries are low in calories and stuffed with vitamins, calcium, iron and antioxidants. So what’s not to like?

⁃ 2 frozen bananas
⁃ 100 g (2/3 cup) frozen berries (red berries, blue berries, strawberries, raspberries, mixed whatever you want)
⁃ 200 ml (3/4 cup + 4 tsp) milk//almond, coconut, soy

⁃ shredded coconut / almonds
⁃ pumpkin seeds / flaxseed
⁃ dates/ apricots / figs
⁃ mango / pineapple / strawberries / blueberries / kiwi / banana

For extra protein, add one scoop of your protein powder in the mixture.

Serves: 1 person
Extra needed: Blender or food processor

Mix the frozen bananas, berries and milk in a high speed blender or food processor until smooth. Add more milk if too thick.