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peace of mind


We act like there is nothing wrong.
We make our problems look less wretched than they actually are.
Apologies are made up for everything that is happening.
Comparing other situations from all over the world with your own. Because those are worse, aren’t they?
Don’t forget that it’s not necessary to explain everything to everyone, it’s no ones business but your own.
And no-one should be asking you to do so.
It’s your life, your personal situation.
It’s no weakness to feel weak at times, you will get back up.
You always do.
You’re not becoming an arrogant nitwit because you’ve decided to put yourself first. And you’re not forgetting all the many, many things that are wrong in this world just because you chosen to.
It’s just a conversation between you and me, in this certain moment and nothing else.
You’re not forgetting about the world at all. For that you already think things thru to much.
But don’t forget it’s not a bad thing to feel, to experience your own problems.
Tomorrow is another day, another start.
‘Cause if you already feel regret while feeling these feelings, let alone express.
You think about everything that is happening in the whole world right now way more often than the average human being.

Let it in. Feel. May’15 M.B.

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