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“Look, they look like they’re having a good time”, I tell Jemaine while pointing at the boy and girl sitting next to each other near the fountain. “Let’s bother them with some quistionsss😁.”

Tobias: “My name is Tobias and we are visiting Amsterdam for the first time. I am from Germany and Chen (points to his friend next to him) is for China. We met for the first time at the University of Beijing. But we both live in Aachen, Germany now. Since we study over there. But Amsterdam is good so far, the city is beautiful. The architecture is beautiful here in the city center, we both really enjoyed it so far.
Chen: “Yes, the city is beautiful, I really enjoy it. But the weather is definitely something I’m not enjoying today. It’s cold and it’s raining.”
Tobias: “Yeah, that’s something else, the climate is completely different here comparing to Beijing. But the weather is comparable with Aken. But other that that, it’s good. We’ve been out for breakfast this morning. We had a great breakfast, we found this place downtown while walking around the city. And the people are much more open here, they are very friendly. In Germany the people are so much more to themselves. Only the bicycles aren’t the things I enjoyed so far, there are so many people riding a bike around here. In Germany there are non. And then you come here and it’s like whooooh, so many bikes! But it’s a great city. If I would have to recommend any other place you must visit it would be Guilin, China. It can get really warm in the summer, but there are beautiful mountains. Big stones in the field, they are like 100 m high and in-between there are rivers and everything. The nature is beautiful over there, it’s quite nice.”
Chen: “For me it would be Hamburg, great city to go to for a city trip. I like the city a lot, it is a very open city, with one side the history and the other side the modern site. It’s very classy and it has so many rivers.”
Tobias: “We will be visiting a few more places today in and around Amsterdam. And we’re going to the Van Gogh Museum later on. There is so much to see, but if you would like to see more of Amsterdam; take a bike, walk around and don’t go to the typical tourist places. Take a sideway, walk through a side street where it’s less crowded and look around.”
Which is a great suggestion for the next time you’re visiting Amsterdam; bike around and visit the less crowded places! Also, visit Amsterdam West. It’s the up&coming place to be. Much better than the freaking overly crowded city center😉.

Every person I meet, I ask the same last question, to keep the motivation for everything in life flowing.

‘Say you’ve got 5 minutes…a kid walks in. And he or she is asking for your advice. In those 5 minutes…what would it be and why?’

Tobias: “My advice for anyone would be..I think..that you should be and stay open minded.img_0019 Go around. Meet new people, be open for new experiences, learn along the way. Because otherwise all of us will be living our lives in our own small circle, stuck in the same area. And then you won’t see anything else, you won’t see how other people are living their lives. And I also believe it will give you the chance to make progress, instead of staying self centred and yeah. That would be my advise.”
Chen: “Can I do it in German? Because I’ve learned English for 9 years, but I’ve lost all my vocabulary and grammar since I’ve started to learn German. But, so..just don’t care to much for what other people think, and do what you want to do. That would be my advice.”