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When in Manchester, the best spots to write and read.

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So Manchester became my last stop during my short holiday-city trip in the U.K. I always wanted to visit Manchester and since my flight towards Valencia was scheduled from Manchester airport I thought, let’s go! Ones again, so many universities can be found here as well (Leeds & Manchester are the cities where the future is conversation topic number 1). You could definitely see that the city is working hard to renew many neighbourhoods and buildings. But at the same time makes sure the beautiful architecture stays intact. The city hall was an amazing place to visit, #loveforauthenticmasterpieces. Plus, more history can be discovered at the free museum. So if you’re in town and looking for any interesting stories about Manchester, don’t hesitate to peep in. Oh, and the world’s biggest football museum is located here (yes, you could also visit the Manchester United museum). So if you’re into football, rewatching the best goals in history or just want to walk around and see what die-hards football fans look like..visit!


A thousand crainbirds. Make a wish..at Manchester museum

Also, in Manchester you can find the oldest public library in the English speaking world; Chetham’s Library📚. It was founded in 1653. It was established under the will of Humphrey Chetham, whom did a lot for the poor, while he was working as a prosperous textile merchant in Manchester. He started the school for poor boys and made sure everyone had access to books and learn about the English language and history by placing chained libraries in local churches ➡️.. Really interesting place to walk around. You can feel the atmosphere is still intact. Amazing volunteers can be found at the library, and each individual is eager and full of enthusiasm to tell you more about the library and its stories.

🏛 Long Millgate, Manchester M3 1SB, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Earth Café

When I arrived at the Earth café it was 10 in the morning, so I was a bit of an early bird. And since they were setting up everything in the kitchen, I only ordered a ging tea and a slice of chocolate cake. The place is underneath a meditation center, clean and warm, cozy yet light. They offer a wide menu made with local and seasonal ingredients. Have their famous mixed platter dish, enjoy a cup of soup, mix ‘n match your own salad, have a veggie sausage roll or take your time and decide what you’re going to eat choosing from the widely hot-main menu. Everything made with love, everything made right there in the kitchen. Oh, and so many sweets and cakes to choose from😋. If I’ll ever get a chance to visit Manchester again I’ll be back for dinner, for sure! Thanks to the polite and friendly staff, till next time!

monday till friday | 10 am – 4 pm

The Eighth day café

The organic supermarket, with a wide range of so many vegan brands and products, can be found at Oxford rd 111. And underneath in the basement you will find the 8th day café. It’s a popular place here in Manchester, since the restaurant was constantly packed and crowded while I was eating there. Nevertheless, I was able to find a seat after spending some time in line deciding what to eat. I got a bit distracted while choosing my smoothie from the big and colourful chalkboard. But, the staff was very friendly. And after shouting ‘miss, hello?’ once or twice, I made my decision and ordered a chocolate smoothie. I also made a mixed salad which you can grab at the salad bar and had a warm dahl with some rice on the side. The prices were cheap comparing to the big portions, so that was a big plus for me (and my attempt to travel within my budget). I enjoyed my lunch very much and loved every bite of it. This 8th café is more than A-ok, so visit the place when spending your days in the city with so many universities.

monday till friday 9 am – 7 pm | Saturday 9.30 am – 6.30 pm

V-Rev Manchester

Whomever still thinks living a vegan lifestyle makes you die on the spot..since you have to ‘miss out’ on comfort food and all the snacks..yeah, think again while scrolling through this instagram account below will you? Did you know that restaurants and cafes that serve vegan options aren’t trying to recreate making a burger, bacon or chicken? They’re trying to make the best dahm food possible, since going back to how meat and chicken was produced..yeah, did it look the same when it entered the fabrics as when it was delivered to the supermarket? Don’t think so. And V-REV proofs, if not marks this point all over again. They are open 7 days a week, they do take out, they deliver. When you’re in Manchester, try it. You’ll be amazed how good vegan food tastes, we ain’t missing a dahm thing!

| monday till thursday 11 am – 9 pm | friday till sunday 11 am – 10 pm |

oak street cafe

This is the hidden gem in Manchester, seriously. Oak Street cafe can be found in Manchester’s Craft & Design Center, a tremendously beautiful spot that’s surrounded by Victorian Architecture housings for artists and their studios. They are an independent cafe with a various of different dishes and sweets changing daily, but their coffee is dahm fine and strong during every visit. Bring your laptop or note block and be inspired by the artistic vibes and energy around here.

| monday till saturday | 10 am – 4.30 pm |

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