Travel far and beyond.
To the brightest places with the darkest history.
To all the places in-between.
Learn and get to know people abroad.
Talk, share your laughter, cry the tears.

Stand together and fight for your beliefs.
Speak up for the voices that are unheard.
Be inspired by new ideas, cultures and family traditions.
Share it with the world.

One can only gain knowledge, when knowing we know nothing at all.
That’s where the learning progress starts, and growing sets in to become more intellectual.
Show people places only you know.
Places that are too beautiful to be hidden.
When lack of money, be the tourist in your own country.
There is so much more to see without spending a single penny.
Whether it’s Australia, Iceland, Mexico or Great Britain.

Travel alone, don’t be afraid to go solo.
Welcome strangers in your city, show of your village with pride.
Make them not forget about the place, and tell them all the stories it may hide.

Tourism has a powerful effect in many ways.
The economy, society and environment..They all fall or stand with the choices you make.
Save your money, spend it wise.
When traveling, become part of a local movement, see what it (directly) can do to areas around this world that are now paralysed.

Climate change is getting worse as we speak, human mankind exacerbated the progress and it doesn’t stop.
But do not hold back, when you can visit the places that were hit the worst.
Look for opportunities, if possible and desirable, travel. Do good.
Help out and combine a holiday with a few days of non-profit work.
Welcome every guest with open arms.
Treat each individual as if they are your family.
The world is getting colder, don’t let our hearts get frozen. Have faith, make it warm.
See the beauty thru one other eyes, be thankful. Smile.

– – – September 27th ’17 M.B.


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