Rain, wind, thunder.
Strangers become trustfull people when seeking shelter, how could they break this non-official rule in our vocabulary we created together.
Makes us human – friendly. Whomever – wherever.
How did our trust got shattered into pieces, with the knowledge of knowing nothing at all right now.

Darling I don’t know you, nor do any of my friends.
But me and my loved ones, think about you everyday.
Since the first news report came out, which stated that you vanished into thin air that night.
That same night I drove my bike home, thru the pouring rain.
Only I arrived safe.

Got dried up and sat next to the heating, while writing and staying up late.
Not knowing a news message would get stuck into many heads the next day.
I guess it makes such an impression because we are the same age.

I light a candle, been doing so the whole week.
Even though I know I probably should light one every day of every week.
Regarding all the other news reports I read.
The world is losing its colour day by day.

And as much time some people invest in trying their hardest to make sure it regains her beauty.
The world has turned a little bit greyer that Friday, not knowing where you went.
And its ridiculous people are wondering, if it’s safe to bike alone.

‘Cause if so, doesn’t that answer another question..isn’t it weird we should doubt that?
Because the answer is yes. And for the first question, no.
I write. As this news stays stuck in my mind.
There is nothing we can do in this situation, the impotence is so strong.
But wish, oh you whom I don’t know, I wish that you too will come back home safe.
You’re being missed.

To your family & friends, I wish them all the strength.
When my thoughts are tangled up in these words and messages all day.
I have to write it down, but there is not much left to say.
The system is messed ‘up.
Wrong locks were unlocked. The wrong door opened up.
This is what they got, a family torn apart.
Check. Keep the sentences intact.

Where there is no cooperation, then no freedom, leave it like that.
When does a second change stop applying to someone?

Come home.
Let the doubt and tears flood away in the rain.
Come home. Please be safe.

– – – October 11th ’17 M.B.


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