Drunk in love

And I wrote her into somebody’s else’s arms.
Not knowing this dream that I scripted, became a sudden reality for me.
But one night stands don’t last that long.
And I see he makes you happy, as I cry your tortured tears.
Can’t you tell it’s hard for me. To accept this, as you leave me here confused?
As I hide. The truth. Which is I. Did relay. Too much on you. Before I realised.
That that’s not the way, how to keep you satisfied.
You believe it for now. Will it last?
I apologise for the things I said and done in the past.
Is it too late for you to come back..or did you manage to pull yourself together, get your life back on track?
I miss you, even more when I call you drunk.
But I don’t know what to do know.
With the thought of you moving on, with someone else who might be the one..

– – – October 17th ’17 M.B.


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