mydearmonday2c0asowemeetagain0amaythisbelikeany0aotherday2c0abecausegrindin270aneverends0a28crown292-defaultGet your life together, know what you’re aiming at.
And I don’t mean ‘life your live in balance’, because there is no such thing as that.
Push over your doubts, keep questions your actions, constantly remind yourself what you are going after.
For succes to succeed, you need a hunger and will to achieve.
Write down your wants and needs, hold that list closely.
And be consistent in your own beliefs. 📝
Succes comes for those whom not wait, but actually work.
And are willing to make mistakes, fall down 9 times and still get back up. 💪
Shine until your opponent is blinded, grinn ‘till your mouth can’t get any wider.
It is up to you to write the next paragraph and plead guilty to the hunger to thrive.
Don’t let a small error be something you have to testify for your entire life. 🛑
But mostly remember, that for succes to succeed.
You need to keep going. Hold on to it, have faith, believe.
‘Cause the second you think you made it, the arrogance kicks in..and you don’t want such thing. ‘Cause you need a desire to win. And that should be the exact same thing, as were you are right now. Here. Were you begin. 🔝
If any of these words can bring you some #mondaymotivation..take a minute. Write down in the comments in 1 sentence, what it is that you are after. Any inspirational words that can create a source of illumination? #shareyourdreamsnodisaster *
Ps, know that everything that you spread on the internet en tell the world, can’t be reversed.
Make that your reminder that you have to continue, full of passion and thirst. ✔️ #succes

– – – September 25th ’17