I still feel you breathing next to me, but it’s only in these dreams I dream.
I know it broke you to see how your energy was spend, all of the things you could no longer stand.
You’ve spread your wings, gone.
Cut the strings, that were holding you back.
I accept the choice you’ve made, and hope to find peace along the way.

My love, promise me to make my wishes come true.
That whenever I see a star, and think of you.
You made it possible for me, to let (you) go.
But don’t fade away, and take away my memories.
Just take the pain, I handle the rest.
As I remind myself, to not look back with regret.
Goodbye my dearest treasury.

The way I miss you at night.
How your hair would get stuck underneath my arm, because you refused to wear a hair tie.
I cherish these moments more than you’ve ever realised.
The peaceful days where I called you mine.
And now, I’m all alone.
I lost the one person I called home.
‘Cause no matter what challenge I was facing, you were there comforting my senses, keeping me from pacing.
I will take the blame, for all that went wrong.
I just wish you’d stayed, talked.
And shared your thoughts, explained the whirlwind of noises you would hear in your head all day long.

May you have found your inner peace.
Found the ability to set free the demons, carelessly.

As I will continue to fight against mine.
And it is even harder now, I won’t lie.
But I will keep on trying.

Thank you for inspiring me. To follow my heart.
No matter what, or what happens at all.
Since it’s all that we’ve got.
And I will get back up, even if I fall.

All that I miss. January’18 M.B.




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