Think like the person you want to becomeLife is an interesting journey, each path and final destination unknown.
Some of our lines may cross, some may get lost.
But ahead of your ambitious desire, most of the time you will travel alone.

There is no handbook to the right life, no angel to guide you through.
Just you and your determination, no longer on the sideline.
Since sitting still brought nothing, but the hunger to pursue.

It’s the art of changing your mindset, believing your already there.
It’s the power of owning your ambition, refusing to fail again.

Wether it will take you 2,5,7 or 10 years, the time will pass.
You might as well start working, working hard for what you know best.

Think like the person you want to become, belief in yourself.
And if you know the meaning of this sentence, you’re already half way there.

‘Cause cockiness won’t work, people will see right thru it.
Be eager to grow, be open for new ideas, you’ve got so much more to learn.
Embrace it.

No-one owes you anything, it’s the first rule in succeeding.
But stay kind, treat the janitor the same way as the person you look up to.
Mindset is key, stay true to yourself and remind yourself wherefore your heart is beating.

Imagine yourself giving your first interview, sharing your tips and tricks to pull through.
Now come on, a new day has started.
It’s Friday, almost weekend. But that won’t stop you.

Stop hoping. Start working.

– – – February 15th ’18