Overnight Success

Ok. So this is what you are going to do.

You are going to tell yourself you have to pursue, with whatever you want to do.
‘Cause the talent is there, ready to be crafted.
You just have to keep on creating ideas, which will only make you better.
And you have to plan ahead, make room in your agenda.
Remind yourself why it’s worth it to spend all your spare time working your ass off, why you want to do what you are doing right now.

Struggle in silence, don’t tell anyone what you are doing.
Or maybe tell the ones who are close to you, the ones you love.
You know, those whom have your back no matter what. Very small circle isn’t it?
Further than that, don’t tell anyone.
It’s none of their business to know what you are up to. They will find out in the end.
When you sparkle your talent everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Sparkle that shit around like it’s all glitter, gold and confetti.

And you don’t need anyone’s else’s opinion on whatever the hell you are working on.
Start investing in living your dream.
Start seeing you, value the you. Yourself. Invest in yourself.
Start seeing that you’ve got what it takes. Instead of being jealous and mean, to every other person who is living their own dream life.
And stop living someone else’s.

Take all the time you need, take a pad less traveled and choose whatever pace works best for you. But keep going, always.
Don’t let a misstep or step back keep you from going. Take back, continue.
Keep your mind peaceful and clear, know what you are doing.
Don’t get distracted.
Hold on to that burning desire, rock your own world, set the spark and set it on fire.
Become that person that inspires others to follow their dreams.
Make it look so goddamn easy, that everyone is willing to believe.
Do it for you! And no one else.

But don’t become to cocky and realise when you need help.
People will always come on your path for a reason.
And weather it’s said it’s either for a bless’n or a lesson..
Know that there are some people out there who simply want to help, nothing more.
Because they admire your willpower.
They recognize something in you that brings back memories of their own younger/inexperienced self.
Because they, themselves, used to be so cocky and thinking they had it ALLL figured out.
And the accepted no help. And they don’t want you to make that same mistake.

Know that I am not telling you to find somebody who might do it for you..
Look in the mirror, it’s all up to you. And if you are willing to work hard enough for it.
No-one is going to do it for you.

It’s just that, along the way, there might be some people who can help you when you’re stuck.
Point you in the right direction. Share your vision and ideas.
‘Cause you don’t know it all when you start, nor do you when you are where you always wanted to be.
Growth is a sign of maturity. And not willing to realise that is a sign of cockiness.
You need help along the way. Dahm, you need the best inspiration you can find along the way.
Without it you will get bored.
You need people who can keep you focused, remind you what you are doing.
You need feedback. Feedback ensures that you continue to grow.
‘Cause without it you will always remain the same.
Get used to it too.
Not every single person in the world will understand your vision and think the same dahm thing.
Not everyone will agree with your ideas and tell you they’re great.
And people don’t have to. Because you don’t have to please everyone.
You don’t have to invest your time like that.
There will be many people out there who don’t think alike, get over it!

Just continue to be a work in progress. Work. Work. Work.
So that all the judgmental people will say, ‘Hey there it is, yet another overnight success.’
And you know it’s not, it has taken you ages.
But you don’t care, you just don’t give a f#ck.
‘Cause you made it. You’re doing it. Living it up.
Living your dreams instead of daydreaming your life.
And you are happy. Every single drop of sweat has been worth it all along.
They can’t touch. They can’t break you.
Because all the eye-stares. The gossip. The bullying. The shitty talks. The fake friends.
…..That’s what they made. They made you.
A stubbornness hypersensitive grenade. Ready to explode full of determination.

Ok. So this is what you are going to do?

And she stopped waiting for an opportunity. And created it. March’17.M.B.



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