Dreams are ruined, people in disbelief.
A nation goes in overthrew and I am sitting here, trying to understand how they achieved this.
You can’t trust the politics, with a program cutout.
Unable to fulfil their promises, do they even know what they are talking about?

What we do know now, is that it only takes one person to shake the whole world up.
New rules, despicable orders and disturbing vows.
Can someone please some up the positive notes, ‘cause I can’t see them now.
With dauntless women’s marches and united people we stand, no matter what the charges, the world should be in better hands.

How do we move forward with our country, with all the different nationalities amongst us?

Being in my twenties I wonder, what’s all going to happen in the next couple of years.
Still in a rush, to prove we are all right, without shedding any tears.
My sister is pregnant, I wonder what the future has in store for her little one.
Is the world in peace, no need to explain why people were fighting with each other, is it actually gonna change in the long run?

We are so accustomed to seeing images of war, shootings, poverty and violence.
And just switch the channels or swipe away, if we don’t feel like seeing the actual news today.
Yet we use the social media to express our condolences on serieus events.
Do we forget about our skin colours, nationalities and borders in that certain moment?
And let our feelings be divided by a fictional fence..what’s the moral sense.

Don’t forget about the White Helmets – watch it
There is a whole story behind the pictures that make it into the papers.
Which side are we on, and what’s the definition of war.
Action-reaction, do you know why.. and what about the innocence people who just die.

If you only spend your time looking for the weaknesses in people, strikethrough their opinions,
combine in one measuring jug and roll the dice while you decide whether to understand or judge by appearance like you are playing scrabble..you win.
Know that everyone has its own battles to fight.
Spot the good inside and you might, have a new friend to play the game. Count your blessings, begin.

The media writes down whatever sells best, can we still hear the truth?
Or did we become deaf-muted by that and forgotten that it is in our right to cross off the deceitful ones in the voting booth.

Let’s bootstrap a whole new point of view, reboot the system.
Let’s decrease the increase of all that is taking from every living being on Planet Earth, watch what we are wasting. List ’em.
‘Cause if we all continue to eat the amount of carbs as we are doing right now, we create a bigger carbon footprint than all of us, wider than the planet.
With skinny jeans so tight to wear, just cut them loose, or do you inhabit them?

When Shady tells us in confidence,
that he is cognizant about the planet showing symptoms of detachment from the environment and being in a state of emergency.
Then I should probably call some people and tell them to hide the shovel and stop burying the verity, considering the fact it’s irreversibly.

At some events they know it too, climate change is real, it is happening right now.
And whether certain people tell, without believing it themselves? – practice what you preach
It’s a good thing that the word is being spread, flood the world with the truth.
For every person giving a voice to climate change, do what you do, you deserve a oscar. Or 2.

Maybe those whom are so tenacious to govern the country need to act like cling film and stick to the truth.
Because time is overdue, it is a real issue, they haven’t told you?
Or do you think it’s a mythical of-told story,
do you wanna purport that it’s all made up?

What kind of castor oil runs through the veins of the region where people are living in peace.
And what kind of company supports those actions and tell you it is done as needed, with a lot of expertise.
Environmental pollution, animals threatened with extinction, rainforests are felled.
Which currency grows between those trees that we are so desperately to sell.

With 7 new planets to investigate, is this how we are going to create our plan B?
‘Cause if that’s the idea, whom are we to take it, tell ourselves it is ours.
Driven by greed, and we want and what we need, just take it, create a new life, plant the seed.

You can leave your tinder date behind, that’s fine.
Or don’t show up anyway, because the matched profile looks weird in real life, they were lying.
But, March 15, election day. It’s up to you to decide who gets to be stood up.
Get your voting pass, take a few minutes off.
Pick up the pencil, tick the appropriate box and choose who should be laid off.

To the younger generation, I know that I don’t have the answers either.
I’m just writing down what concerns everyone, my thoughts just get ahead of me,
with all these questions lined up I need to take a breather.
Respect those whom stand for something, believe in our future and believe in themselves.
You are all creating the actual picture of what is going on in this world, making a clearer vision for me, it helps.

Don’t get blinded by the false smooth talking, read the election programs before you are walkin’in.

15 maart. Verkiezingen. Stem.

Amsterdam, March 8’2017



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