Trump. Chapter II

Social Media. The place where every argument explodes.
Everyone is acting that they are on the same mission.
Hypocrite, don’t you think?
As I woke up this morning, the hashtags were floating around on the internet.
But so where many comments regarding the decision that was made the day before.
Including those who previously acted on the sideline, providing no actual voice to climate change and all the other problems associating in relation to the matter.
Hypocrite, don’t you think?
I know I am, angry. I get angry by even thinking about what is going to happen after this decision that’s been made.
What do they get out of it? Is it really just one person who can get it this far, the world at social war?
For everyone who thinks it’s not a fact, that reality isn’t real. A ‘fugazi’ of made up stories, don’t even bother about leaving a comment.
Continue to bury your head in the sand, pretend you are deaf muted by all the arguments that are against facts like this, to make you feel better or whatever works best for you.

The Paris Climate Agreement was, and still is, one step forward to getting mother earth back together.
If there is even enough time to succeed.
195 countries agreed to think about their mistakes, there missteps, the chaos and debris they’ve created through the years.
Being aware of the situation, realising it takes more than just talking about the issue. Actual progress is made in the field, not in a room while difficult words are exchanged.

I know that I need to read a lot more to get the picture. And that there are still a lot of statements that need the right explanation.
Still many quotes and questions need the right perception.

What do you know? How much do you know to speak up for the Paris agreement and maintaining your opinion? Even when someone who is truly interested in your opinion and wants to understand the discussion. Seeing eye to eye with your point of view.
Do you even know what the agreement is about?

Are you well aware of all the things your own government is involved with?
Do you know for sure your country is trying there hardest to cut down the numbers that became way to high and they realised this ones the younger generation started to speak up for themselves, using their power and moving a whole nation?
Are you, yourself, trying your hardest to cut down your own carbon footprint?
Do you?

Someone promised to make a difference, someone stood by his pledge.
Many voted for all the things he implied during the elections and now we are shocked?

That making a difference has such a difference meaning to many, is the utterly truth that is stated right now.
Hashtag, hashtag..sharing, caring. Look at me now.

Decisions are made, for what purpose?
Ruin the world. Is that your own choice?
On what kind of mission are you, in what department would you like to succeed?
Not worrying about the future generations, or is that a misbelief?
You’ve taken advantage of everyone’s life, made the decision by yourself.
How many complot theories are correct, what are you trying to hide?

Hypocrite, don’t you think?
It is, yes it is.
But don’t miss judge those who where warning you from the beginning.
Nor those who got their head out of the sand, started to think for themselves and agreed with the knowledge along the way.
Being smart these days is so overrated.
It isn’t a high function that states you are smart.
It isn’t a student who graduated with straight A’s.
It isn’t a single person who thinks that while they are behind a certain desk, is capable of making everyone belief he is making the best decision and people should stop thinking for themselves.
Whether you do or do not have 2 degrees or more, if you understand the core it doesn’t matter.
We need to loose 2 degrees anyways.

It’s for those who are willing to listen, to hear and understand.
Those who will read between the lines and far behind.

Climate change has gotten the attention that it so desperately needs.
Because every word that is spoken during a conversation regarding the subject is free publicity, green energy, created by talking.
Using your own fuel.

We must all participate in this climate change agreement.
Become a member and volunteer.
You have got a voice you know, use it.

It doesn’t take much to understand these sentences, written down in easy English.

Read it and talk. Ask and think. Search and experience. Learn and grow. Doubt, question and understand.

And you, what about you..do you know?

“When communicating becomes overrated. I just write as a hypocrite and use facts to mark my point and state it.”
– – – – – – – – M.B., June 2nd 2018. #areyouahypocrite?


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