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Love yourself |”Being kind to yourself is so important. We often have a little voice in our head that is very critical towards ourselves, about ourselves.”

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Being kind to yourself is so important.
We often have a little voice in our head that is very critical towards ourselves, about ourselves. “No, I am not going to do that, I am not good enough”, or “what am I thinking, I’m not nearly as good as I would like it to be.”
But ask yourself this; why should you not be good? Be good enough? And suppose it is true that you are not good enough, why should you not practice, craft your talent, until you are good enough?

I’ll be honest, sometimes I can be quite arrogant. I might have a little too much self-confidence inside me. I shouted a year and a half ago that my drawings were the best. I still had to practice some things, but I thought they were totally tha bomb anyway. Now, a year and a half has passed. And because I continued to draw, continued to exercise and better myself. I really see the difference, because my drawings are getting better and better. But that was after I had a sit-down with myself. I know this sound a little strange. But I thought; ‘Hey, dear Jen, listen girl. You think you’re already pretty far, but until this moment, no-one is handing you hundreds of euros for those beautiful drawings. How did that happen? Would you spend it on your own work?’


That was the moment I had to confess to myself that I wouldn’t do so either. The next step was to practice. No longer painting and drawing to sell something, but painting and drawing to get better. The pressure that I had put upon myself to draw faded. And if you wonder what I mean with that. It’s just a thought that I had in my mind; ‘I have to draw, I had to make money with it’. But after the conversation that I had with myself, (know that I just sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee), I found out that I enjoy my current job so much, that it may still be the only source of income for me. For now. Nothing must happen, but everything is allowed.

After reminding myself, and getting those thoughts out of my mind, drawing became fun again. Practicing became fun, failure didn’t matter, since I could re-use it.
If a drawing succeeds in one go and you like it, you will not experiment with it.
If it didn’t work the way you wanted it, then it’s so much easier to use it for practicing other styles. All of the things you wouldn’t normally try on a drawing that turned out to be successful the first time around.

But what I mean to say with this story is that you must always have faith in yourself. Because you have all the qualities to succeed. Maybe not in 1 time, maybe not in 10 times and maybe not in a 100 times. But if you choose something, whether it is drawing and painting, playing the piano, becoming an athlete or becoming the best cook ever.
Then go for it completely. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Because, believe it or not, failure always happens. It is up to you to choose how you handle it. You can choose to think; ‘so I’m not good enough, so I’m not going any further.’
Or you make the choice to make it a learning process. Take this thought with you for the next time.
See what you did and not do well. See what could be better next time.
But don’t forget to look twice at much at all the things that you did well. Because they are always there. Give yourself the opportunity to learn. Because by learning you grow and you develop yourself.
And that is exactly where your life will start. And it will only get better.


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