You know those moments when you hear a good song, with an even better lyrics, bringing back memories or being as applicable to the situation you just got out from? You’re pretending that you are the main character in that video clip, because you feel every word of it. As if they wrote the song about you, as if they were there when everything happend…

Yeah, talented people whom can play with words like that whether it is in lyrics form or book form, it intrigues me tremendously.
Because words cause everything that happens in this life.
Weird sentence right? But think about it.
Words can make or break a situation. Heck, words can make or break a person.
It’s so easy to put a few words in front of another, yet it can be so difficult to find the right words in tough circumstances.

From an early age I am interested in phrases and sayings, figuring out the meaning of music lyrics, reading everything that is written in English and writing down stories by myself. Throughout the years I wrote so many story lines, I can’t even remember if I ever really finished one. Somewhere around 10 years old, my interest in the English language started to grow and so did writing in that same language unfold. So I learned the language by listening to music, feeling the tones of the pronunciation and let it grow into a skill packed with energy and compassion like a tulip. I remember my mom used to listen to this radio station that played music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s for about 99 percent of the time. Something I have been able to appreciate as a good bottle of hooch, grooving on the songs till this day on, while writing this rhyme. But back then I found it weird to know. That in the late 90’s, there was no Spice Girls, Boys2men, any other boyband nor Britney Spears playing on that same radio station. I’ve let it arise into a voluminous solid appreciation, my widely music foundation ;). #childhoodmemories

Writing is a process. It is about trying to express yourself even when words fall short.
Using one of your four formatting skills, polishing your vocabulary, correcting your spelling and format your sentence structure.
With countless people to write about, or write to if you want. An unknown audience or targeted. Using the same 26 letters as many other languages use to communicate with one or another by the hand of thoughts and ideas. Written down in a readable vorm.

Know that words can be inspiring and motivate, they can be great. Positive energy flows through the air, having the attraction force of a magnet, it mutates.
But words can be such a breeding place for like minded people and create a rancor towards laws, countries, religious beliefs and turn them into words of debate.
With the world rising with anger, losing it’s faith and create a feeling fronting both sides of a ongoing altercation that makes a conversation stagnate. It becomes hate.

Assigning the words concerning a subject, combining the words and let them dance around the matter in between the lines on paper. Until it becomes something greater, giving it a special effect. I can’t recall the moment when it all started to become such a big thing for me, trying to connect words as dots like that.

And here we are at my blog, welcome😃.

After a few years of writing down nothing but nonsense and crap (in other words, level of serious writing; 0). I’ve decided to pick the pen up ones again, use it every now and then. And scribe the rest immediately on my Mac before my mind runs out of ink and the ideas disappear, continuing to be a lazy ass writer, I simply forget.

I started this site to challenge myself again, to set deadlines and just write write write write.
Combining this with my list of interests and there you have it, the start of my blog, the plot for all that is to share protected by my copyright.

From my alter ego version Ann from Amsterdam, all the beautiful aspects that Amsterdam itself has to offer seen through the eyes by the tourist in Hello Stranger. Or me and my friends playing the toerist in When in Amsterdam on our days off.
To the moving tales and anecdotes told by elderly people in Tell me Something and tasting the desire by the badass people working for amazing organisations with enthusiasm & beliefs to not let mother Earth become a place worse than the state it is in right now in Take Initiative.
Just summing up a few of the refreshing themes to notice the poetry of peoples uplifting thinking.
Or, what about those who can’t wait to share their stories on the pin-up board in Guest Blog?
Along with my other colossal interest in life; FOOD. In the endless shapes, colours and flavours improvised cooking creates in the Recipes section.
And if there is something new on the market to try, read or use. I won’t back down to write some Reviews about the things that caught my attention.

Enjoy my blog to the fullest. Feel completely free to leave any comment, question or suggestion thru the Contact page or sharing my blog with your friends and family.
Please know that, and foremost, I started this blog to work on my English (again). And see where my interests and writing skills take me from here. Sorry for the bad grammer if shown in any of my posts, I’m working on it 😉.













.Liefs, Michelle Braakhuis M.B.

– – – March 15th ’17