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It has been little over 3,5 years since I moved to the city center and loving Amsterdam to the fullest. Yet I wonder, did I get used to Amsterdam? Do I still appreciate the city as much as I did when I moved here, or did I stop ‘seeing’ the city? With short interviews with tourists visiting 020, asking them about there experience with Amsterdam so far and getting to know a few of the many individuals and their rich cultures visiting the capital…I want to feel te city from there point of view, see the places through there eyes and find out what they actually think of the Dutch culture. Below the answers given by the nice and friendly people I met so far, getting to know Amsterdam bit by bit like I am.


“So I would really like to have interviews with as many different people as possible”, I tell Jemaine as we walk around museumsquare searching for more interesting stories. From a distance we […]


After talking and laughing with Barbora, her friend got back from the museum. Just in time to answer a few questions, which she was willing to give in the morning sun that […]


On Monday the 5th of June, I did my first round with the interviews for ‘Hello Stranger’. Packed with a notebook, pen, 10 questions and voicerecorder. And my super social friend Jemaine, […]