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Every writer will tell you the same, every artist knows it’s true. If you want to write good stuff, you have to pursue. Whatever you want to. Write bad stuff and push through. Pull through the shitty work, stick to your ideas, aim at something your imagination can live up to. Be inspired by the people you look up to. Never let your dreams and ambitions become something u used to do. And when my brain collapse because ideas keep flowing…and I have no one to share it with or to talk to. I’ll debut those words here and you can read them if you want to.

peace of mind

  We act like there is nothing wrong. We make our problems look less wretched than they actually are. Apologies are made up for everything that is happening. Comparing other situations from […]


This morning, woke up again. Feeling sick, sad and lonely. Carrying on, making something of my life. Why can’t I live up to your standards and our faith, it makes me become […]