Guest Bloggers

Felicia Mok

Felicia (32) was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on Christmas Day. As a young girl her dream was to play the piano in famous concert halls while she got to travel around the world. The moment she realized she didn’t want to commit her life to the black and white keys, she decided to work in the kitchen to finance her travels after high school. If globetrotting was a profession, she would do anything to succeed in that career. It was her mum who convinced her to obtain a degree. That ended up in the best advice she ever got and the wisest decision she had ever made. After studying all forms of Anthropology she finally graduated in Bachelor Cultural and Master Organizational Anthropology. She uses her passion in Social Sciences to make sense and understand the world around her. Her love for Anthropology, Art and Amsterdam will always come up in parts of her daily life; it keeps her sane. Whether it is growing up in The Netherlands, having family members in Hong Kong, studying in England, teaching in Palestine, researching in South Africa or working in Japan, it’s always Paris that she is dreaming about and Amsterdam that will always remain home. photointroduction

“I don’t travel because I want to leave home.
I travel because I need to know why I’m staying.”

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Jemaine Hogenbirk

Jemaine (33) was born in the heart of Amsterdam, at her grandmother’s home, on the Leidse canal. Her grandmother was a single mother and super creative. Creative in her thinking, in how she dealt with money, and in inventing all sorts of things. Long story short, she was the great example for Jemaine. This ingenious individual is a single mother and rockin’ it! And have I mentioned she inherited the artistic skills that runs in the family? I mean; she’s a painter, she’s a poet, she knows how to apply the money saving skills from her grandmother, she can make a dinner out of nothing and has a bright positive mindset. In the past Jemaine studied Applied Psychology and she has the papers to work as a makeup artist. Currently she is busy expanding her positive mindset, as becoming more aware of her surrounding and how to work more goal focused became key words in this journey. This year she will achieve her goals. And she’s happy to share this adventure with you through her blog posts. Ontwerp zonder titel

“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

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Priscilla Nooijen

Best described as an in introvert, surrounded by a small group of close friends, born and raised in Northern Amsterdam. That is 26-years old Priscilla. Who, amongst co-workers, also goes by the name of curly face. Reading this is a bit of a shocker for her, 26 already? She’s getting old ;). While she’s always been the shy girl next door, Priscilla really came out of her shell when she travelled to San Diego. In the always sunny Cali, she studied, partied and of course ate her heart out (amen to Taco Tuesday!) throughout her semester. And so far, that has definitely been the best decision she’s made in her life. The new adventure provided her with the opportunity to learn how to be independent and stand up for yourself. At the same time it gave her a chance to get to know her own personality and grow each month. But that’s not all. She got a taste of what the traveling like is like. And she liked it, a lot. After that more countries and cities followed. But as much as she enjoys the fun of packing a suitcase and exploring a new city, each with its own culture, its characteristic architecture and its own kitchen. Living elsewhere than her childhood city? It will never happen. Amsterdam is not only where here roots are, but also her heart. Ontwerp zonder titel

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

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Dayah Guy

“Dayah (26) was born and raised in Amsterdam as the first grandchild to her grandmother and firstborn to her parents. She will forever be longing for one of her two homes, the perks of being the product of a multicultural and international love story. She may hold a degree in Child Sciences, yet her fascination for art is always pulling her into its world. The creativity, history, and anything related to it, inspires her. Not to create something herself, but mainly to contribute and to observe. Growing up she could hardly wait to discover and explore the world of words, sentences, and stories. Where she was too shy to talk, always hiding behind her parents or grandmother, her mind on the other hand has never been nor never will be quiet. Her stormy restlessness settled down whenever she was surrounded by books. The moment she was finally able to put the pen to paper and write down anything that popped up in her vivid imagination, it felt as if the gates of her walls opened up. No longer was she confined to these boundaries, she found her way to speak. After years filled with ups & downs, mistakes, searching, and sadly neglecting the paper that once was her most intimate and loyal friend, she is returning to it. It feels familiar, comforting, yet a little frightening to let others catch a glimpse of the many diverse, and at times a tad strange, thoughts that race through her mind. But she is starting to speak again. Or at least give it a go.” Ontwerp zonder titel (1).png

“Perhaps, through writing I might be able to find peace with my own endless wandering. Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. Hopefully, one day, I can become my own home. One blog at the time.”

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