It was banking holiday during my stay in Leeds. And after leaving behind the madness at Leeds festival (it was cray-cray), I wanted to spend my Monday eating my way around the city. Managed to do so, but a few places were closed.Www.revitalizedchickpea.com So I had to come back the next day, and eat some more before I took the bus towards Manchester. I was completely stuffed when I got on the bus (I think that was the first day of my ‘I gained waaaay to much holiday weight’ day). But hé, enjoyed every minute of it. And I enjoyed Leeds as well. So many universities, so many architecture (visit the library), and the view..yeah the highlands look like mountains comparing to the Dutch landscapes. Oh, and so many vegan options to find, don’t know why I was surprised by that, but veganism is growing. Let’s spread that veganlove around #winning. 

Below a few places I visited during my short stay in Leeds. Oh, can someone take me back?

La Cafetiere

My first stop in Leeds was a Lebanese restaurant called La Cafetiere. As I walk towards the city from my airbnb, I passed the restaurant and walk in for a nice lunch. Beautiful restaurant, I loved the purple, and really vegan friendly. I had the falafel menu, with extra fries and a fruity mocktail, freshly made with mango and blueberries.  The restaurant is located a bit out of the city center. But when you’re in town, do not hesitate to drop by. Great staff and quick service!

🏡 Address: 6 The Crescent, LS6 2NW
☎️ Contact: +44 7827 290722
📧 Email: LaCafetiere@hotmail.co.uk
💻 Website: http://www.la-cafetiere.co.uk
🕐 Opening Hours:
| Monday – Sunday 10 am – 11 pm |

Roots & Fruitsrrht

I forgot about the fact that it was bank holiday until it was Monday morning and quite a few places were closed. So I went back the next day. And as disappointing it was that my phone was once again stammering, the venue, service nor food was anything but disappointing. I had the carrot and coriander soup with some bread and vegan spreads, really tasty. Combined with a rose lemonade and a cup of thee and my lunch at Roots & Fruits was complete. But they also serve several types of salads, a delicious looking burger, nachos, spicy jackfruit and even a vegan version of the ‘fish’n chips’.  The restaurant is located at the Grand Arcade, a must visit on its own. When you’re in town, step by.

🏡 Address: 10-11 Grand Arcade, LS1 6PG
☎️ Contact: +44 161 819 2265
📧 Email: http://www.rootsandfruits.net/reservations
💻 Website: http://www.rootsandfruits.net
🕐 Opening Hours:
| Monday – Saturday 11 am – 7 pm | Sunday 11 pm – 4 pm |

Humpit Hummus & Pita Bar10353040_1539898309564486_8678877000912424045_n.jpg

When I visited Humpit, they were a few days away from celebrating their birthday🎈..they were open for almost 3 years, jeeeeeehj 🎉🎉🎉!! I ordered a wholemeal pita filled with falafel, salad, sauce, pickles and whatever could find in the pita. Really, the sizes are really descent. So if you’re searching for a full but fulfilling lunch, swing by. They also serve big hummus bowls with extra chickpeas, or fresh salads with falafel and pickles. And if you think you’re still gonna be hungry, you can order extra toppings or extra sides. I drank a nice fresh mint tea with my pita bread, and enjoyed the vibe and hospitality at the Humpit during my late afternoon snack attack. It’s great to know that they offer vegan food for over 3 years now. ‘Cause not every city in the world has even an restaurant with a vegan option on the menu, let alone a vegan restaurant. So keep up the good work! Thanks for being kind to me during my stay in Leeds, Humpit :)!


🏡 Address: Corn Exchange, Call Ln, LS1 7BR
☎️ Contact: +44 113 245 3836
📧 Email: eat@humpit-hummus.com
💻 Website: http://www.humpit-hummus.com
🕐 Opening Hours:
| Monday – Saturday 11 am – 6 pm | Sunday 12 pm – 4 pm |

Hansa’s Gujarati 576276_501772093213130_1527569967_n

I love the Indian cuisine. All the herbs, spices and colours..so much more fun to cook with than the Dutch cuisine. I ordered the Thali-Complete meal. A curry with rice, daal and mango. Simply delicious 😋. I Wish I could share some photo’s of the beautiful plates that were handed out by the service staff, but unfortunately my phone had a mega breakdown that night once again. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the ambiance and very very friendly owner and his staff. They started the location in 1986 and won several (food)awards through the years. If you want to learn more about the Indian cuisine, you can apply for a cooking course or class. They are a certificated cooking school and offer many cooking classes throughout the year.


🏡 Address: 72-74 North St, Leeds LS2 7PN
☎️ Contact: +44 113 244 4408
📧 Email: info@hansasrestaurant.com
💻 Website: http://www.hansasrestaurant.com
🕐 Opening Hours:
| Monday – Friday 5 pm – 10 pm | Saturday 5 am – 11 pm | Sunday 12 pm – 2 pm |

Global Tribe Café

I had my last cup of coffee with cake in Leeds at the Global Tribe, but they offer so much more. I had to make choices where I wanted to eat, so I ordered a chai tea latte and a slice of coconut cake. Yes, they had coconut cake 🙋. It’s a really small yet cosy venue and I was lucky enough to find an empty spot for myself and my packed bag before I left the city. The atmosphere is very laid back, the staff is very friendly and they have many vegan options on the menu. Also, they sell many different types of cake, most of them are vegan. So if you’re craving some sweets but don’t know what to take, visit the café and see what the kitchen staff prepped that day.

🏡 Address: 18 Swan St, LS1 6LG
☎️ Contact: +44 113 318 4289
📧 Email: globaltribecafe@gmail.com
💻 Website: http://www.globaltribecafe.co.uk
🕐 Opening Hours:
| Monday – Friday 10 am – 6.30 pm | Saturday 10 am – 6 pm | Sunday closed |

Note: All photo’s were either made by myself, or taken from the restaurants websites and/or Facebook.