What would you like to eat today? Take your pick!
 I’ll try to update this recipe section as much as possible.
 And when you have a good idea feel free to contact, maybe I’ll post your recipe here.
Knowing I started this blog to share ideas, not own them.

I love cooking, I really do. Herbs, spices, different kinds of vegetables, different types of cuisines. The more I try, the more I read. The more I learn, the more people I meet.
And I have tried a lot, ate a lot and my god I messed up a LOT.
I’ve had my pesto period. Literally everything with pesto. Not something you would call innovative, let alone diverse. (ask my old roommate. He told me multiple times, with a disappointing feeling as a result.)

But now, my cooking skills improved a bit. Especially improvised cooking.
Whether it’s under time pressure, cooking with whatever product that I could find at home because I was to lazy to walk to the supermarket. Or walking around the store for a few minutes, take all the offers. And decide what I am going to cook while walking to the cash register.

One thing that annoys me a bit from time to time. Is when I send a picture of a meal to my friends and they ask what the ingredients are..uhh, well food. Good food. And dahm, it tastes great! Hence this recipe section. To remind myself to write down whatever I’m prepping in the kitchen. Perhaps you are already familiar with the recipes, maybe I will introduce you to a new idea for your dinner. Try everything, let me know what you made. Then I will continue to write down whatever I’m creating and link other foodblfoggers and their ideas.

Because, when I’ve had a busy day and I have no idea what to eat.. It’s a great thing to know that there are many foodblfoggers, cooking books and recipes ideas to find on the internet.
Bon appetite. 🍴