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All the information you find here on this website is based own experiences, blogs, books and articles. The Revitalized Chick Pea is a worldwide writers platform, which means this website offers a voice to those whom are in love with words and want to learn as much as possible about the world wide web as our founder Michelle Braakhuis does. The Revitalized Chick Pea is not liable for the use or (adverse) consequences of applying the information on this website. If you encounter a mistake, please let us know by contacting us through the contact page. This can be done by clicking here.

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This website, http://www.therevitalizedchickpea.com, was created in May 2017 by Michelle Braakhuis. Michelle and her (guest bloggers) team work together everyday to keep this website an interesting and diverse writers platform as it is today. We write every single article & blogpost by ourselves. This includes every single recipe, (unless it’s reblogged, which will be mentioned in each post). Every single photo that is added, (unless it’s reblogged, which will be mentioned by showing a link). And all other visual materials. It is not allowed to share any of these materials without our permission. Do you want to share a link, use an article or mention a recipe on your social media account or website? Send a request to contact@therevitalizedchickpea.com.

Advertorials & Reviews

Michelle Braakhuis, CEO and founder of The Revitalized Chick Pea, sometimes places advertorials or reviews on this website. You can recognize an advertorial or review by (Advertorial) or (Review) at the bottom of the article. The Revitalized Chick Pea gets paid for these items. Michelle Braakhuis is very selective with which companies she wants to work with. Every company’s story, product or book must fit in with an educational, sustainable, fair and honest lifestyle. Every collaboration can consist either a single sponsored blog post, win-promotion blog post, review blog post, or turn into a long-term campaign. Michelle her approach in life, and especially business, is transparency with a no-nonces mentality. Hence you will find more information about affiliate marketing below.

Affiliate Marketing

The Revitalized Chick Pea is a member of the bol.com and amazon.com affiliate program. This means that when The Revitalized Chick Pea places a link to, for example, a book about business that can be bought on amazon.com, and each unique reader buys that book through clicking on that link, The Revitalized Chick Pea receives a small percentage of the selling price. You can find affiliate links either placed on the left of The Revitalized Chick Pea’s page under ‘books you need to read’, or in an article that contains this kind of link. If so, this will always be mentioned at the bottom of each article.


Giveaways are a great way to connect with our fans and audience. If The Revitalized Chick Pea gives away products, the packages are either profited by a company Michelle Braakhuis found interesting to work with, or was bought by one of the The Revitalized Chick Pea team members themselves. In case one of The Revitalized Chick Pea members is compensated by a company, then this is usually done in the form of a payment or product. If it’s compensated otherwise, this will be mentioned in the blogpost. We from The Revitalized Chick Pea only giveaway products we support and have tested ourselves.

Do you want to collaborate? Please send an email to contact@therevitalizedchickpea.com or visit our contact page by clicking here, to see what options regarding collaboration are possible.